Match Participants

Create Compatible Mentoring Matches In Minutes

Successful mentoring starts with high-quality mentor matching. Chronus software with MatchIQ™ technology makes it easy to create effective matches with proven methodology and an intelligent matching algorithm.

Rich User Profiles

Create rich profiles in minutes, full of detailed information for matching and reporting. With Chronus, participants can quickly create their own profiles or you can import profile data from your HR management (HRM) system, learning management system (LMS), or other database.

Rich user profiles allows accurate matching based on multiple characteristics

Recommended Matches

Chronus software with MatchIQ™ technology, a sophisticated matching algorithm, enables automated recommendations for high-potential matches. It leverages numerous user profile attributes and matching policies configured specifically to your program, including:

  • Career interests, development goals, or assessed job competencies
  • Policies that control matching based on participant status, job level, mentor availability, and many others
  • Refined search options by individual preferences such as topical expertise, shared interest, or language fluency
Easily match participants with our matching algorithm

Multiple Mentor Matching Models

So many options! Chronus software with MatchIQ™ technology supports several matching models.

  • Self matching enables your participants to find mentors and groups themselves.
  • Admin matching allows program managers to create matches on behalf of participants and is common among leadership and academic program formats.
  • Bulk matching is a great time-saver. It allows program managers to match hundreds of program participants at the same time.
Chronus software supports multiple matching models

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