Mentoring Services

Mentoring is a cornerstone of career development and engagement.


Mentoring is a cornerstone of career development and engagement

According to Forrester Research, companies increasingly recognize that mentoring is a critical part of training and talent retention. Today, over 71% of Fortune 500 companies have mentoring programs in place.

Furthermore digital technology changes the game –  you are no longer limited to face-to-face interactions because online tools enable quality discussions among mentors and mentees located throughout your global organisation.

We can help your organisation design, develop and/or manage mentoring programs to promote diversity, employee retention, career development or share knowledge.  We partner with our digital mentoring partner, Chronus, to help you implement a time saving and socially enabled platform or improve your current program through automation:


We support over 15,000 mentees & mentors across Australia

Program Design

  • Design Workshop: program objectives & workflow
  • Business case preparation, access to statistics and case studies

Program Setup

  • Enrolment processes
  • Matching algorithms
  • Online resources
  • Automated feedback surveys
  • Mentoring Home page
  • Integration with HR/Employee systems
  • Reporting Metrics

Ongoing Program Management

  • Mentee/Mentor Training
  • Supervise Mentor quality
  • Progress Tracking
  • Benefits Tracking

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