Executive Team Coaching (ETC)

Scalable and sustainable high performance


Do you want a team of champions or a champion team?

Executive Team Coaching (ETC) works with the team as a system; individually and collectively for scalable and sustainable high performance.


There is NO Perfect Leader

The perfect CEO or perfect leader is a myth. The challenges that businesses face cannot be adequately met by one person. Teams need to generate new ways of thinking.

As Einstein said, “You cannot solve a problem with the same thinking that created it.” Not finance. Not strategy. Not technology.

It is teamwork that remains the ultimate competitive advantage, both because it is so powerful and so rare. (Patrick Lencioni).


More than traditional coaching. More than team building.

Good coaching is widely accepted as being an effective tool for leadership and performance development.

What if you could increase its effectiveness, impact, reach and sustainability? Coaching in the past has been too one on one focused with the coach only being present for a small percentage of time.

Relying on the discipline and follow through of the individuals.  This usually means that individuals revert back to old habits under pressure.

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What if you could tap into the power of the team to provide support and accountability? ETC has been developed with the benefit of over a decade of academic and practical application.

Our approach uses the power of the team and online technology to enable individuals and the collective to continue the experiential learning when the team coach is not present.

  • Situational and unit needs assessment– Access to self assessment, 360 feedback and diagnostics to assist the exploration of the key focus areas for coaching.
  • Harnesses the benefits of individual and team coaching, cost effectively– Individual and team coaching to facilitate development by furthering self-insight, the impact on others and by broadening the work context skills and perspectives. Emphasis is on coaching the team as a whole.
  • Based on leading management development approaches– Apply leading leadership and learning approaches including Adult Development Theory – Immunity to ChangeTM, TLCTM, Strength Based Positive Psychology – Marcus Buckingham, BoatsisTM, 70:20:10TM and Neuroscience+++
  • Learn by doing and getting feedback– During the program you will be Implementing your learning in real life business situations and have the ability to seek feedback from stakeholders to help track progress.
  • Access to online resources and tools– The coaching is enabled through technology – Cronus Coach. Each stage of the coaching questions and reflective practice to support the team as much as possible.

Membership of a Social Community – You will have access to our online social learning and coaching platform, which provides you a rich and easy to use coaching and learning framework, including peer learning opportunities via Chronus Coach.


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So we thought the best way to share our way is through an easy to digest eBook.

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