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Been Blindsided? How to Learn from the Experience

If you’ve ever been blindsided in a work environment you’ll know the feeling of disappointment, frustration and...

Get the most out of your Mentor

I’m involved in a variety of mentoring programs at the moment – career planning, entrepreneurial mentoring and...

Why Being Original Matters

I’ve never thought of myself as very original and certainly not a non-conformist. However I’ve been reading a...

About FootPrint Coaching & Consulting

We specialise in helping organizations assist their people be their ideal self more often. We believe that with the right accountability and support , your people will become their ideal self when they have the appetite to make a difference.

We use scalable coaching and mentoring technology and approaches to make this happen. We have formed a network of coaches, are accredited in a range of tools and partner with Chronus, the leading mentoring and coaching software provider.


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